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The founder Urs Roger Zweifel established the private company Zweifel Treuhand,

based in Zug, rgsitered in the  commercial register on April 5th, 2002.


2009, the sole proprietorship was converted into a LLC.

Before founding Zweifel Trehand, he was in the field of controlling finance and

management of national and international companies for over 20 years.


During this period he was responsible in the area of financial accounting, planning, budgeting, analysis, management of information systems and servicing of

international tax structures.


Last employed as a family officer for ten years, managing director and member of

the board of directors. He corresponds orally and in writing in German, English,

French, Italian and Spanish. 


Theoretic background. Qualified business economist and accountant with federal certificate.

Annual conferences in all areas guarantee you the most up-to-date advice.


Working with one employee since 2010


CEO | Certified Accountant, Federal Diploma of Higher Education

German, English, French, Italian and Spanish


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Rajmonda Pervorfi

Account Manager

German, English


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